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About Carma

Carma was created by two fitness and wellness fanatics who sought to find a platform that provided a space to enhance athletic performance and overall longevity. Dissatisfied with the current market of apps with these unique priorities, our founders set out to craft something of their own. 


Unlike any other, the Carma app includes the four major health components that make up total wellness: nutrition, fitness, cognition, and recovery. As seasoned athletes, personal trainers, and nutrition geeks, our founders knew that each of these components not only needed to be in one place but each component also needed to be working in conjunction with the others, simultaneously. With this philosophy, our developers beautifully engineered a holistic mind-body wellness platform that mimics the complexity of human physiology.

Carma health supports the idea that you get what you give in your health journey, exactly like the ancient Buddhist term 'Karma'. Best of all, Carma is for everyone- whether you're a seasoned athlete or just starting your journey, Carma is for you. Go get your health karma with Carma!

Our Mission

We’re dedicated to empowering individuals on their unique path to well-being. Carma is a comprehensive guide where intentional choices across four key pillars – recovery, nutrition, fitness, and cognition – form the foundation of holistic health


Our vision for Carma is simple: to make people happier, healthier, and live more fulfilling lives. 


Creating a healthier community starts with redefining the current mainstream understanding of health and wellness, which often leads people to experience burnout, confusion, and exclusion. 

Our new, modern definition of health is aimed at improving functional performance and longevity simultaneously by reinforcing holistic mind-body health sciences. 

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