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Carma is engineered to serve as your customized AI trainer for total mind and body wellness. The coach goes beyond simple data analysis and gives you precise and personalized feedback on ways to improve your health. The coach does this by:


 This method ensures users will transform their understanding of wellness from one-dimensional to comprehensive, as well as see positive changes in their functional performance and overall longevity.

Abstract Background

How we separate ourselves from the others

Many apps are good at data tracking, but few mobile apps tell you clear and concise information about what your statistics mean for your health and well-being. Got a poor sleep last night? Carma provides you with precise guidance about how you should tackle your workouts, nutrition, and cognition for the current day and in the future. Now, you can optimize each day with advanced scientific health research made easy to comprehend. The concept is simple,  you get what you give to your health journey, and Carma bridges the gap between data and behavioral changes.   ​

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